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Pinnacle Travel Mug with Autoseal Technology

Pinnacle Travel Mug with Autoseal Technology

This is the slightly smaller version of Westloop :- 


Best travel mug I've ever had! (and I've had a lot!)


I bought one of the Pinnacle travel mugs 8 years ago and it has never let me down so, I decided to bring them to my freinds in the mud loving community. And now we have a 300ml version for you...


This is a no bullshit piece of kit that gets the job done! - If you want a hot drink to stay hot and not leak or spill even when it's tossed on the seat of your 4x4 then this is it! No cup holder required!! 


This travel mug is also truely a one handed operation - pick it up, press the button and the small opening alows you to get your tasty beverage in your cake hole. Job done.


If my truck was upside down, about to burst into flames and I could only take one thing with me from the from the smoke filled cab - it would be this. The Mrs would have make her own way out.


Some pieces of kit just nail the tasks required of them - this is the holy grail of a decent cuppa on the go.